Delaying the ‘hyped’

It is often seen lately in most of the industries before the launch of a new product, there is huge hype created around it. Be it direct or indirect. The marketing brains behind a concept going to extreme lengths in some cases to create this hype. Some of these are intentional, and some unintentional occurrences which the marketing teams use to their advantage. Today the hype is usually created with a controversy.
In case of entertainment industry; say Bollywood the hype is generated usually with link-ups between the leading pair. A spat between the writer and the producer, original writer and the producer(s), rift between two female co-stars the means are many. In some near naked models are used to generate the hype. Some create the hype by creating a false or induced demand for their product. There are various ways of ‘Publicity’ and publicity of any kind is welcome, negative or positive does not really seems to matter.

However, what happens if this much hyped product is delayed? In general people tend to loose interest in such products if there is a delay on the supposed to be release date. The margin in my opinion is very thin, the time taken to launch a product and the forced anticipation. If the launch and the marketing campaign is not timed, then the product will definitely loose its sheen. There will be buyers, but had it been timed well the case would be very different. A very noticeable trend the potential buyers loose interest.

One of the finest examples should be TATA NANO. Look at NANO, there was a huge hue and cry about the “people’s” car. An example of delaying the hyped; Though I do not believe the hype was entirely generated by the company, but it just caught on. Nevertheless the point is NANO in every sense was darling of the media for a while, the hype surrounding it was phenomenal. There were people lauding its inexpensiveness while some others were wary about its build quality and safety standards. Whatever be the case NANO did look like a certain winner. However the launch date was pushed to few months away. People were thronging in for booking the car at almost all the Tata motors‘ showrooms. There were forms being distributed from Banks who offered loans. It seemed like a big deal, people who haven’t bought a vehicle of any kind in their life to people who owned luxury cars were lining up for the first lot. However the delay in the launch has only affected NANO adversely.

There can be countless such examples.An interesting example from the movie industry which we Indians will identify with would be release of Hrithik Roshan starrer Kites. The much hyped movie tanked at boxoffice, much to the chagrin of the cast and crew of the film. The movie was hyped to a large extend, there were reviews, rumours, stories of co stars romantically linked and what not. The movie apparantly was supposed to be released late 2009 but got delayed due to reasons I am not sure of. Yes, it was hyped, delayed and failed.(Though the failure of the movie cannot be due to only the delay). However, I strongly believe if it would have been released on time, the story would have been tad different for sure.

Bottom line: If you are hyping something up, do not delay it too much.

PS: Incidentally I started writing this blog some time back, since Kites was going along nicely according to my theory of hype, I wanted to wait until this movie was released. See if this theory of mine actually worked. It looks like there is some logic to it.

Next up: Is demand for a particular product advantage for its competitor?

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