Quality Control for E learning–How I wish…

#Qualitycontrol in #Elearning? This was the title to an article I read a couple of days ago. Although written earlier this year, I noticed this recently. What attracted me was obviously the title, no not because I was interested in the subject but mostly because of the feeling “it didn’t come from us”. 

Just over three year ago in mid 2008, while working with my earlier organization, a similar thought had germinated. We had elaborate discussions on the subject of developing a standard that could evaluate and certify elearning content. Unlike the #epprobate we had initially thought for a standard for content with in India. The thought came about after we were participating in an event called #EINDIA. An #ICT event that brings together many companies with interests in digital learning.

We saw many content developers showcasing their courses, being in an industry where we were also part of developing content – albeit repurposing the content to e learning than developing off the shelf materials. We realized there was tremendous scope if we could develop a standard for #elearning content. Something that would be acceptable, determining the quality of elearning courses developed by various content developers. We had the resources, the knowledge and the experience with us or around us credible enough to come up with something like this. Unfortunately, circumstances never allowed this to actually take off. We had many other issues which needed our focus and this idea like many died prematurely.

When I look back, I feel, may be we should have given it a shot. Although, I would not claim this could have made it big or would have been accepted by all the #elearning content development companies, but we could have been the initiators. A credibility which we could have leveraged.

Read the complete article from zdnet below.


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