Quality Control for E learning–How I wish…

#Qualitycontrol in #Elearning? This was the title to an article I read a couple of days ago. Although written earlier this year, I noticed this recently. What attracted me was obviously the title, no not because I was interested in the subject but mostly because of the feeling “it didn’t come from us”.  Just overContinue reading “Quality Control for E learning–How I wish…”


Fifa Foot Ball World Cup Schedule Indian timings (IST) #FIFA #worldcup#Southafrica Match Date – Time 1 11/06 19:30 SA v Mexico 2 12/06 00:00 Uruguay v France 17 17/06 00:00 SA v Uruguay 18 18/06 00:00 France v Mexico 33 22/06 19:30 Mexico v Uruguay 34 22/06 19:30 France v SA Match Date – TimeContinue reading “WAKA WAKA …FIFA WORLDCUP 2010 Schedule – IST”

Delaying the ‘hyped’

It is often seen lately in most of the industries before the launch of a new product, there is huge hype created around it. Be it direct or indirect. The marketing brains behind a concept going to extreme lengths in some cases to create this hype. Some of these are intentional, and some unintentional occurrencesContinue reading “Delaying the ‘hyped’”

What is going on? This is appalling

I was very happy to see the paintings of historic places, temples, people and tourist spots painted on public walls across #Bangalore. The paintings are quite well done I must say. This was done as part of BBMP‘s (BRUHAT BENGALURU MAHANAGARA PALIKE – Bangalore corporation) beautification drive and included 100s of local artists. The ideaContinue reading “What is going on? This is appalling”