Self-fund your pet projects

After a long hiatus I am back to blogging. I know no one missed me in the blog world :-). Many of us have had situations during our careers – regardless of the number of years in to one’s career – when we had an idea for the business we work for and couldn’t reallyContinue reading “Self-fund your pet projects”


Fifa Foot Ball World Cup Schedule Indian timings (IST) #FIFA #worldcup#Southafrica Match Date – Time 1 11/06 19:30 SA v Mexico 2 12/06 00:00 Uruguay v France 17 17/06 00:00 SA v Uruguay 18 18/06 00:00 France v Mexico 33 22/06 19:30 Mexico v Uruguay 34 22/06 19:30 France v SA Match Date – TimeContinue reading “WAKA WAKA …FIFA WORLDCUP 2010 Schedule – IST”

Delaying the ‘hyped’

It is often seen lately in most of the industries before the launch of a new product, there is huge hype created around it. Be it direct or indirect. The marketing brains behind a concept going to extreme lengths in some cases to create this hype. Some of these are intentional, and some unintentional occurrencesContinue reading “Delaying the ‘hyped’”

Fair sex’s fair share!

Last evening my wife and I went to Landmark (a book and stationary retail store in Bangalore), after very long time. The place was a pretty regular weekend hangout for me until the last year or so. I was looking at the books lined up as ‘best sellers’ there were as usual quite a few.Continue reading “Fair sex’s fair share!”

Whatever happens to him, ironically just before the T20 WC

It happened roughly the same time last time around, but then it was hidden and he got selected to the squad. There was such huge hullabaloo attached with it. Spat between Sehwag and captain, rift in the team et. al. Well this year too, Sehwag it seems is to miss the T20 world cup. ItContinue reading “Whatever happens to him, ironically just before the T20 WC”

Great loss for India and the world – RIP Prof. C K Prahlad

Man who thought of eradicating poverty through profits – Prof. CK Prahlad is no more. The loss of the creator of BoP approach and core competencies will be felt in the management circle. Someone who had changed the way companies like Unilever looked at customers and their product strategy which paved the way to creationContinue reading “Great loss for India and the world – RIP Prof. C K Prahlad”

Forget IPL franchise investments!

Every one who is loaded in the country is vying for a shot at the IPL bandwagon and thinking of investing in one of the franchises. Well, those who haven’t been able to do so here is something that should interest them. A fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money and also get someContinue reading “Forget IPL franchise investments!”

Kochi! – IPL 2011 will it be a reality?

IPL has become a rather large money spinning extravaganza, something it set out to do in the first place. It has become a billion dollar empire and closing in on NFL. I will not be surprised if it ends up grossing a lot more moolah than NFL-NBA combined. When there is so much money involved,Continue reading “Kochi! – IPL 2011 will it be a reality?”

“Thoda chai peeke jao” (Drink some tea and go)

A police constable stopped me and asked me in typical thick malayali accent “Thoda Chai peeke jao” Drink some tea and go. I said No, I just had one while I stopped at the check post, and thanked him before driving off. It was near Valayar check post. I had stopped behind the many busesContinue reading ““Thoda chai peeke jao” (Drink some tea and go)”