Self-fund your pet projects

After a long hiatus I am back to blogging. I know no one missed me in the blog world :-). Many of us have had situations during our careers – regardless of the number of years in to one’s career – when we had an idea for the business we work for and couldn’t reallyContinue reading “Self-fund your pet projects”


Fifa Foot Ball World Cup Schedule Indian timings (IST) #FIFA #worldcup#Southafrica Match Date – Time 1 11/06 19:30 SA v Mexico 2 12/06 00:00 Uruguay v France 17 17/06 00:00 SA v Uruguay 18 18/06 00:00 France v Mexico 33 22/06 19:30 Mexico v Uruguay 34 22/06 19:30 France v SA Match Date – TimeContinue reading “WAKA WAKA …FIFA WORLDCUP 2010 Schedule – IST”

Fair sex’s fair share!

Last evening my wife and I went to Landmark (a book and stationary retail store in Bangalore), after very long time. The place was a pretty regular weekend hangout for me until the last year or so. I was looking at the books lined up as ‘best sellers’ there were as usual quite a few.Continue reading “Fair sex’s fair share!”