Fair sex’s fair share!

Last evening my wife and I went to Landmark (a book and stationary retail store in Bangalore), after very long time. The place was a pretty regular weekend hangout for me until the last year or so. I was looking at the books lined up as ‘best sellers’ there were as usual quite a few. I continued my walk and was looking at one of the racks that read “Indian Writing ..”. Saw a book that said ‘Everything you desire’ by Harshdeep Jolly. Another book from IIM I felt and ignored it. (Eventually bought it after ‘the wife’ handed it over ;)). While looking through I noticed something really interesting. The number of books by WOMEN AUTHORS in the rack. I was well, very surprised to see the sheer number of books written by the fairer sex. :). I am talking about just one rack. I thought the ladies definitely deserved a round of applause. So I write the names down on my cell phone. The least I can do is to list them down in my rather ‘renowned’ and most read blog. Here is the list I picked up,

#Anita Desai
#Anita Jain
#Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan
#Sarah Joseph
#Loveleen Kacker
#Swati Kaushal
#Smita Jain
#Malavika Kapur
#Uzma A Khan
#Rashmi Kumar
#Neena Kahlan
#Jaishree Misra
#Bharti Mukherjee
#Meenu Merhotra
#Gita Mehta
#Mrudula Koshy
#Tania James
#Leelawati Mohapatra
#Sorayya Khan
#Roswitha Joshi*
#Usha Ananda Krishna
#Sangeeta Mall
#Jyothi Menon
#Kamala markandaya
#Meredith Mcguire*
#Easterine Iralu
#Mamang Dai – The legends of Pensam (only book name I can remember)

A whopping 27 out of just over 100 books (many of which were multiple copies) in that rack were written by women. I must have missed a few for sure. I didn’t know women have so much to write, I thought they had more to talk.

Nevertheless, even though my wife persuaded me to buy a couple of books I like a true chauvinist snubbed it saying “they must be completely feminist material”.
Lucky for me, my posts are popularity challenged. 🙂 Else I would have got lynched for the quote.

Off topic: I must agree “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” book by Rashmi Bhansal is a good read. Though a few ‘mentions’ in the book may have lost their sheen during/after the recession.

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Tube(well) tumult!

It has been going on since last morning. A tube well/bore well is being dug near my house. God, they are yet to find water…grrr. The noise is unbearable, and it started yesterday. Today they started working on it since 0545 hrs and I woke up listening to the thud and the roar. After going to sleep at 0045 last night, that was the last thing I needed. I feel dazed and am irritated with the amount of noise. To top it the traffic has been chaos to say the least. Well, it is so everyday but with the digging and all has made it even worse. One half of the road is occupied by the heavy drilling machine/truck. The only relief from the noise and the commotion is the fact that it would provide water for the people on the next lane. Yes, apparently they couldn’t find the waterbed there(which is about a kilometer around the otherside from our lane).

Another cause of worry (more for someone else) is that they found the eluding waterbed bang opposite to the entrance of a vacant site, poor guy who owns it. He is in for a shock and it can be a major hinderance when he plans to develop the site.

I guess it is true when they say ‘One man’s loss is another’s gain’. It is not fair, well for me it is at the most another half day’s or so of noise…

Some pictures and video


Whatever happens to him, ironically just before the T20 WC

It happened roughly the same time last time around, but then it was hidden and he got selected to the squad. There was such huge hullabaloo attached with it. Spat between Sehwag and captain, rift in the team et. al. Well this year too, Sehwag it seems is to miss the T20 world cup. It may be just coincidence or is it? Just days before the start of the world cup Sehwag has an injured shoulder.

Speculations… his failure with the bat during important matches for Delhi daredevils, Gautham Gambhir and his outburst during press conference, … your guess is as good as mine.

Lesson from the little master

“If we score a boundary in every over we make 200 runs in 50 balls, then we have to score just 160 runs from 250 balls. I guess that is doable…” Sachin Tendulkar apparently told this to his teammates during the finals of World cup cricket 2003. Australia had scored 359 runs from their stipulated 50 overs, and India to win needed to score 360 runs. The above statement provides two very important view points,

1. How to view and approach a PROBLEM no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem
2. How to provide uncomplicated solution to a problem keeping the difficulty factor in view

The above statement was made when the Indian players were completely outplayed in the first innings by Australia. Their morale was at an all time low, and they were totally overwhelmed by the situation they were in. Yes, they were responsible for the situation as they gave away just too many runs while Australia batted. Having said that, the objective at hand was to win the world cup and there was no time for retrospecting their action.

Imagine a similar scenario at your workplace. A team has just badly let a project deadline slip with a massive re-work staring at them. The team members’ minds will be filled with guilt, confusion, lack of self belief, and fear of losing their jobs. The situation will create a ripple effect affecting the dependent cross functional teams across the project. The amount of financial loss they may incur incase of a massive slippage will only cause more anxiety.

However, if the project manager comes in and makes a similar kind of statement where he provides micro level goals with a simplified solution and approach. The situation may not be as bad as it may look. The team will be ecstatic, they will strive harder to achieve the results. Their focus will be far more intense.The moment the anxieties are off their minds they work a lot better. It will make you wonder as how did such a great team end up in this situation in the first place.

How I wish I could learn from managers/leaders like that?

India went on to loose that finals. Sachin Tendulkar got out at 4, scoring that boundary which he talked about. The execution needed to be spot on and they took a chance but could not achieve the result they had set out seeking.
However, what fascinated me is the way some one looks at a problem in their hand and provide such a simple solution.

A dejected Sachin Tendulkar walks back after making just 4

Great loss for India and the world – RIP Prof. C K Prahlad

Man who thought of eradicating poverty through profits – Prof. CK Prahlad is no more. The loss of the creator of BoP approach and core competencies will be felt in the management circle. Someone who had changed the way companies like Unilever looked at customers and their product strategy which paved the way to creation of SACHETS of shampoos and other products targetting the lower income group.


May his soul rest in peace.

Forget IPL franchise investments!

Every one who is loaded in the country is vying for a shot at the IPL bandwagon and thinking of investing in one of the franchises. Well, those who haven’t been able to do so here is something that should interest them. A fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money and also get some blessings while they are at it. A social cause and many will thank the investors and their future generations too for their act of kindness.

Construct toilets for people who do not have the facility.

Apparently, as per UN estimate a report suggest that between now and 2015 an estimated $358 billion is required for costruction of toilets around the world. The report was prepared by experts who were looking for ways to meet the MDG of sanitation by 2015.

I guess I need to stop writing this right here … I now feel the need for finding ways to achive that. It will obviously help millions of people.

Even if I am able to get 1 percent of the whole deal well… 🙂 errr the helping people part I mean

Kochi! – IPL 2011 will it be a reality?

IPL has become a rather large money spinning extravaganza, something it set out to do in the first place. It has become a billion dollar empire and closing in on NFL. I will not be surprised if it ends up grossing a lot more moolah than NFL-NBA combined. When there is so much money involved, who wouldn’t want a share of the pie? Business men, and actors have joined in early. I am pretty sure many of our multimillionaire politicians would be itching to jump in to the bandwagon. However the Tharoor episode would have surely made at least some of them a bit jittery.
Already (s)words are out for Tharoor’s blood. Detractors from his own party (congress) and outside have started pointing fingers at him and demanding his ouster. Tharoor who in recent times has been a darling of controversies, his tweets about cattle class to mocking government policies has been under the scanner for few months. He has also got himself a death threat from the COMPANY.

The whole episode started to unwind with some allegation of free equity in the franchise. Then war of words commenced between IPL Modi and Tharoor on twitter. In fact I am happy they choose one of the most used social networking platforms for this spat. As it turns out Tharoor’s ‘friend’ allegedly owns a share along with some other high profile’s name sakes. Interestingly Modi family themselves owns a fair share in few IPL teams and also a lot of business around IPL. The mud slinging has been on for a few days with both parties (read Modi and Tharoor) along with Rendezvous sports threatning to sue each other.

What is the reason for all this mayhem? It does seem silly.

Inference 1: Modi had other plans and was not expecting Kochi to be a new franchise, If the news reports about him engineering the bids is to go by.
Inference 2: Mr Tharoor’s interference has definitely put Modi in the spot as his ‘friends’ are not happy about not winning a team. Now with reports suggesting that Kochi franchise members wanted Ahmedabad as their franchise clearly indicates the strong manipulations.

Bottom line: Kochi according to many may not be a good cricketing city and may not generate the kind of money others already have. Being a mal myself, I strongly feel there should be a team from Kochi. With regards to Money being generated, I am sure there won’t be any less from that part of the woods going by the number of BMWs and Audis they sell in Kerala.

Having said that, I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right when Mr Gaekwad (CEO of Rendezvous Sports) read the name of his company as Rendez Vous instead of “~Rondi voo” on the day they won the bid.

“Thoda chai peeke jao” (Drink some tea and go)

A police constable stopped me and asked me in typical thick malayali accent “Thoda Chai peeke jao” Drink some tea and go. I said No, I just had one while I stopped at the check post, and thanked him before driving off. It was near Valayar check post. I had stopped behind the many buses at the usually crowded check post. It was 1:30 AM. I was really sleepy, and drank a hot cup of tea. I started my car and moved a little when the police man flagged me down. I thought he was looking for some money, because my car bore a Karnataka registration. God these cops will be the same through out the country, never letting a single chance of making some quick buck, be it Kerala or Karnataka I thought. Having seen some really bad policing acts while in Bangalore, I was convinced he was up to no good.

It was after the by-pass from Palakkad I noticed two more policemen, stopping a goods van. They had the long flashlight which they kept flashing and I slowed down, one of them looked at me but didn’t say anything so I was relieved. That is when I noticed they were standing under a small shelter and they had a medium sized kettle next to them with plastic containers. Wow, is this for real? I asked myself. The cops were actually serving tea to the drivers. I felt sorry for the earlier cop whom I misunderstood.

This is an idea that Kerala Police seems to have devised to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers dozing off while on the move. A hot cup of tea keeps you awake, and is quite refreshing ask me, I know. It is such a laudable effort by the cops to curb the number of accidents. Something every interstate police can start doing. I do not believe this would stop the high way accidents, but I am positive it would reduce many potential ones and save lives.

Way to go Kerala police Keep up the good work. My sincere apologies to that gentleman (cop) who asked me “thoda chai peeke jao”

I wanted to write about this sometime ago but completely slipped out of my mind. There was apparently an article about this in Malayala Manorama newspaper so told my father who was with me during the drive to Guruvayur.

The champion Loosers!

India today lost to WI by 7 wickets. It was a patheti display by the Indians specially by Dhoni and Ishanth Sharma. Barring Yuvraj’s batting tryst, there was nothing to show for India in this match. Dhoni emulated a test innings by playing a “fantastic” knock of 11 Runs from 23 balls. It seemed like India would not score more than 100 but Yuvraj”s majestic willow came to the rescue of India. He scored a calculated but brisk innings scoring 61. A great allround effort by Mumbai Indians/WI player Dwayne Bravo ensured a comfortable WI victory. He scored a superb 37 balls 66 runs to avenge the 1983 Lords defeat of the WI by the Indians in the world cup final. It was the first time these two teams met in England after that great Indian victory.

I strongly feel Ishanth Sharma needs to be rested given some confidence and piece of advice by the team management. He should be taught to bowl in tense situations, he is a good bowler India should ha5rness such a talent. His stint with KKR in the IPL has cotributed to his lacklustre show. BCCI should somehow get this fellow out of the KKR team and put him in to any other team for the next year, else India would loose one of its best fast bowling assets.

Celebrating 61 years of independence and first olympic gold

Here am wishing my fellow Indians a very happy independence day.
At last we have managed to get ourselves an olympic gold for an individual event. Let us pray and hope that this is not our last for the next 108 years. I am sure Bindra’s gold has inspired and will continiue to inspire sports persons to achieve newer heights.

Congratulations to Abhinav Bindra, his family and coaches and entire India.

61 years of freedom! Are we doing anything with it?