SOI-Service oriented India

Today my colleague and I on our way to work were discussing how India has a lot of talent pool and still seem content with working for some one else. It is an irony that with NASA having some 20% odd of its scientists Indian born and the largest software company Microsoft having a fair share of Indians in their top management.
I happened to read a blog by Asim Chowdhary ( Forget E-learning it’s Rotting at the Base!. He has written about the Indian education system’s pathetic state. A very well written peice.
Is it the laid back attitude? Or is it the mere ignorance, whatever it is India need to be getting out of its service oriented mentality and start developing products. We do not see any kind of encouragement from the government in this front. There seems to be never ending promises about it, but nothing is being done in this front. But there seems to be some ray of hope, with organizations/groups like NEN ( and TiE ( helping young entrepreneurs who wants make a name for themselves.
Meanwhile, I am really looking forward to one thing truly Indian TATA NANO, which is probably the only revolutionary product coming out of India other than Yoga and butter chicken.

Help or Intervene!

Have you ever had people coming to you in the pretext of helping you? This apparent display of benignity often turns out to be a hinderance.

Tom is a senior project manager handling multiple projects and clients. An issue reported by a client once is duly picked up by a senior program manager who is a new member in the department. In an obvious attempt of proving to be a great asset to the team, the senior provides ‘supposed to be solutions’ to Tom. Tom is unable to comprehend the solutions, as they are of no use to the situation he is in. In fact the solutions are proving to take up a lot of Tom’s valuable time. The senior had not understood the problem nor has he understood the project phase. He was merely trying to be smart.

The 3 Mistakes of my Life – Chetan Bhagat

I happened to read the latest novel from Chetan Bhagat; The 3 mistakes of my life. It is really good read which focuses on the life of a young man called Govind Patel and his friends from a small village near Ahmedabad. The mention of real life occurrences actually makes it seem so realistic. It was so captivating that I searched Orkut if I could find some called Govind Patel. I did find about 1000 results for Govind and was not surprised to see that some one had already asked one of the Govind Patels if he were the one from the novel.I did find some similarities in the characterization of Govind, Ish and Omi with his earlier novel. The story is about 3 friends again; the characters Omi and Alok are similar in their habits.
The story begins with Chetan receiving an email from someone called GP in Ahmedabad, telling him he was consuming sleeping pills as he is writing the email. He manages to trace the man who wrote the email to him through his professor at IIM, Ahmedabad. Chetan visits Govind in the hospital and he narrates his story to him.

The central character Govind is an aspiring business man whose life takes curious turns with political and natural causes.
The story is quite believable with a simple storyline and great narration. The novel revolves around business, friendship, love, hatred, and cricket. This one also looks like another best seller from a fantastic story teller.  



Small things!

How many times have we ignored certain issues saying they are too small to be considered. One of the biggest mistakes every one does is ignoring the ‘small’ issues. Invariably these small issues come back to haunt us later. It is quite unlikely that we choose to care for these issues too much. But how many times have these small unnoticed issues grown in to bigger uncontrollable problems?