What is going on? This is appalling

I was very happy to see the paintings of historic places, temples, people and tourist spots painted on public walls across #Bangalore. The paintings are quite well done I must say. This was done as part of BBMP‘s (BRUHAT BENGALURU MAHANAGARA PALIKE – Bangalore corporation) beautification drive and included 100s of local artists. The idea also was to keep miscreants away from defacing the walls (not sure if this would help).

However, I noticed last week near #Lalbagh gate they were removing these paintings by applying a new coat of cement. The beautiful works have been removed without any trace just after weeks of getting them done. Just when I thought #BBMP has done something wonderful, they are at it again and the paintings are gone. Unless of course they plan to paint new ones every three or four months. If it is so, then it is an expensive affair. Yes, the poor street artists might be benefited but the work of art will be lost every time. But I have my doubts, if that is really the case, I do not really think #BBMP is so genial. 🙂

Having said that I always have just one problem with the paintings; the messages are written only in Kannada. Even though I can read it, there are many who can’t. Bangalore being a metropolitan city should provide these messages in English. After all messages are supposed to be read and if they are not in languages understood by a majority then it does not make sense. They could also add details about the tourist spots in English providing insights about Karnataka’s culture and rich natural resources and heritages. Right now only the names appear in Kannada and nothing notable about them. Wish messages and names are in English too.

My humble appeal to the #BBMP, please do not remove these paintings! They are beautiful and provide such a relief to our eyes which are tired of seeing the ugly posters pasted on these walls.

Picture: Seen here is one of the paintings across Bangalore
ban paitings

Paintings being removed:

DSC00128 DSC00129

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